Table 2

Relationship between 28-day mortality and baseline characteristics

OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Age (years)1.0101.004 to 1.0160.0021.0101.004 to 1.0170.002
Sex (male/female)1.4571.168 to 1.8210.0011.3231.052 to 1.6680.017
Platelet count (×10L)0.9650.945 to 0.9840.0000.9720.951 to 0.9920.005
PT ratio1.2251.065 to 1.4350.0041.1691.020 to 1.3640.024
Total SOFA1.2521.181 to 1.3280.0001.2131.143 to 1.289<0.001
  • Total SOFA is the sum the four items (respiratory SOFA, cardiovascular SOFA, hepatic SOFA, renal SOFA). The score of total SOFA is defined as 2 if the total score exceeded 2.

  • PT, prothrombin time; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment.