Table 1

Summary of scales, variables, measure values and analysis values

Scale (composition)VariableMeasure valueAnalysis value
Demographic factorsAgeYearsConstant
SexMale/femaleMale=0 and female=1
Grade/stress about grades3-point scale*2 or 3 points=1 and 1 points=0
Parents’ education status
High school degree or less/college degree/graduate degreeHigh school degree or less=0, college degree and graduate degree=1
Socioeconomic and health statuses of parents (economic/health)3-point scale*Above average=3
Below average=1
Previous health education on safe drug useFrequencies≥2 times=1 and <2 times=0
Perceived health threatPerceived susceptibility
Perceived severity
5-point scale†4 or 5 points=1 (positive) and
≤3 points=0 (negative)
Likelihood of actionBenefits
5-point scale†4 or 5 points=1 (positive) and
≤3 points=0 (negative)
Cues to actMedia
Recommendation from family members or friends
5-point scale†4 or 5 points=1 (positive) and
≤3 points=0 (negative)
Caffeine useCurrent use of highly caffeinated energy drinks2-point scale‡Current use=0,
current do not use=1
  • *More than middle=3, middle=2 and less than middle=1.

  • †: Strongly agree(5), Agree(4), Undecided(3), Disagree(2) and Strongly disagree(1), ‡: Yes(0) and No(1)