Table 2

Major variables in the National Health Insurance Service-National Health Screening Cohort database

Target health problemsHypertensionSystolic blood pressure
Diastolic blood pressure
Diabetes mellitusFasting blood glucose
DyslipidaemiaTotal cholesterol
HDL (high densitiy lipoprotein) cholesterol
LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol
Kidney/urinary diseaseUrine glucose
Urine blood
Urine pH
Urine protein
Chronic kidney diseaseCreatinine
Liver diseaseAST (aspartate transaminase)[SGOT (serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase)]
ALT (alanine transaminase)[SGPT (serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase)}
r-GTP (gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase)
Frailty/lower leg weaknessNeurological examination for lower leg for subjects at age 40 or 66
OsteoporosisBone density for subjects at age 40 or 66
Periodontal diseasesDental examination
Cognitive impairment, depressionMental health screening
Common and uncommon diseasesDisease diagnosis per ICD-10 codes; Operation and procedure history, Medication history (generic name code, dose, duration of prescription, and material codes)
All-cause and cause- specific deathsVital statistics including dates and causes of deaths
Risk factorsCigarette smokingCigarette smoking status
Daily smoking dose
Past daily smoking dose
Current daily smoking dose
Smoking duration
Smoking duration (ex-smoker)
Smoking duration (current smoker)
AlcoholDrinking frequency
Days of drinking per week
Amount of drinking per count
Amount of drinking per day
ObesityBody mass index
Waist circumference
Physical activityDays of activity per week
Days of vigorous activity per week
Days of moderate activity per week
Days of mild activity per week
Dental caries, etcDental examination
Medical history and family historyMedical historyHypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia, pulmonary tuberculosis, stroke, ischaemic heart disease, etc
Family historyHypertension, diabetes mellitus, stroke, ischaemic heart disease etc
Healthcare usageDate of visit, types of medical institutions (clinics/hospitals/tertiary hospitals/public health centres), types of visit (inpatient/outpatient/emergency/intensive care), length of stay, medical cost (insurer/patient)
Healthcare providerLocation, type of hospitals, no of beds, medical equipment, human resources, specialties of physicians
Socioeconomic and demographic factorsAge, sex, age, residential area, insurance type (the employee insured, the self-employed insured, dependents, medical aid), monthly insurance contributions (a proxy for income), types and grades of disabilities