Table 1

Data column headings and their descriptions

Dataset column headingsDescription
Author(s)Author of article
TitleTitle of article
YearYear of publication
Name of registryName of registry
Type of surgeryOperation(s) captured by the registry
CollaborationsCollaborations developed for the registry
Registry leadership and managementHow the registry was managed and/or lead
Objective(s)The objective(s) of the registry
Registry development and/or designHow the registry was developed and/or designed
FundingHow the registry was funded
Rationale behind datasetThe rationale behind selecting the registry dataset
DatasetThe dataset of the registry
Data processingHow the registry data were processed
Strategies to increase data completionStrategies used/found by the registry to increase data completion
Data reportingHow the registry reported/disseminated their results
Patient involvementHow patients were involved in the registry and viewpoints on patient involvement in registries
Difficulties encountered/challengesDifficulties and challenges encountered by the registry
Benefits of registriesThe benefits of the registry
Measures of a successful registryFactors that determine a successful registry
Legal factors, ethics and data accessLegal factors, ethics and data access for the registry