Table 2

The data items collected by the majority of UK surgical registries

Name of centreName of operationOutcome data specific to operation
Patient identifierTime to surgery from first appointmentQoL/PRO outcome measure
Patient demographicsType of anaesthetic (local or general)Date of discharge
Patient comorbiditiesASA gradeLength of stay
Whether discussed at MDT meetingThromboprophylaxis regimenComplications
Indication for surgeryPrimary or revision caseMorbidity
Date of diagnosisElective or emergency surgeryMortality (and cause)
Preoperative investigations and resultsDate of surgeryDates of follow-up
Date of admissionIn or out of regular hospital hoursFollow-up outcomes
GP informationSite/side of surgeryNeed for further treatment
Surgical technique/approachNeed for further surgery
Difficulty of procedureITU admission (planned/unplanned)
Intraoperative problemsDestination of discharge
Date of consent
Grade of surgeon
Surgical time
Funding for operation (NHS/private)
Use of antibiotics
Type of implant and implant serial number
  • ASA, American Society of Anaesthesiologists; GP, general practitioner; ITU, intensive therapy unit; MDT, multidisciplinary team; NHS, National Health Service; PRO patient-reported outcome; QoL, quality of life.