Table 2

Questionnaires in the case report form

Name of questionnaireDimensions
EuroQol five dimensions64 65 Mobility (one question)
Self-care (one question)
Usual activity (eg, work, study, housework, family or leisure activities) (one question)
Pain/discomfort (one question)
Anxiety/depression (one question)
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale66 Anxiety (seven questions)
Depression (seven questions)
The Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire67 Four questions collected from this questionnaire to measure how the hand appearance influences the patient:
Does the appearance of your hand make you:
Interfere with your normal activities?
Are you satisfied with your hand appearance?
HomunculusLocalisation of pain during the last 24 hours
Localisation of pain that has lasted for more than 6 weeks
Numeric Rating Scales of 0–10Joint pain during the last 24 hours
Hand pain during the last 24 hours
Feet pain during the last 24 hours
Fatigue during the last 24 hours
Disease activity of hand OA during the last 24 hours
The Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index32–34 Hand pain during the last 48 hours (five questions)
Hand stiffness during the last 48 hours (one question)
Hand function during the last 48 hours (nine questions)
The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index68 Hip/knee pain during the last 48 hours (five questions)
Hip/knee stiffness during the last 48 hours (two questions)
Physical function during the last 48 hours (12 questions)
The Measure of Intermittent and Constant Osteoarthritis Pain, a modified version to assess hand OA, instead of hip and knee OA.69 70 Examination of pain intensity, frequency and how pain affects sleep, mood and quality of life:
Constant pain (five questions)
Intermittent pain (five questions)
A modified version of the McGill Pain Questionnaire,71 focusing on hand painDescription of hand pain. The patients are asked to choose the adjectives within each group (in total 18) that best describe the current pain in their hands and the pain intensity (one question).
PainDETECT,37 a modified version to detect neuropathic-like pain in handsNeuropathic-like hand pain: one question about the pain course and seven questions about the pain characteristics.
Brief Approach/Avoidance Coping Questionnaire72 12 questions in order to differ between approach-orientated and avoidance-orientated coping
Pain catastrophising scale73 13 questions divided into three subscales to investigate the thoughts and feelings of the patients when they are experiencing pain:
Self-efficacy scales74 Ability to influence pain (five questions)
Ability to influence other symptoms of rheumatic disease (originally designed to investigate RA) (six questions)
Foot Function Index75 Nine questions related to pain in the feet
Nine questions about disability
Five questions about activity restrictions
All questions are rated on Numeric Rating Scales (0–10). The questionnaire was originally developed to measure the impact of foot pain, disability and activity limitations in patients with RA.
  • OA, osteoarthritis.