Table 3

Impact of the Lifestyle Matters intervention and associated theoretical underpinning

Participant IDBenefit(s)Self-efficacy source
P14Started computer lessons and now uses it regularlyPerformance accomplishment
P15Took up Bridge following support from groupVerbal persuasion
P16Confidence and support after death of husbandPerformance accomplishment
P17Made new friends
Joined a keep fit class following support from group
Performance accomplishment
P18Broadened outlookEmotional arousal
P25Gave perspective seeing how ‘less fortunate’ people liveEmotional arousal
P20Improved confidence to socialise with new people; now socialises morePerformance accomplishment/vicarious experience
P21Helped ‘pull out of misery’ following illnessEmotional arousal
P22Gained perspective
Helped him ‘find answers’ (now using credit union)
Emotional arousal
P23Improved confidence in group situationsPerformance accomplishment/vicarious experience
P24Gained perspectiveEmotional arousal
P19Increased confidence to undertake new activities
Mental lift
Positive impact on spousal relationship
Performance accomplishment
Emotional arousal
P26Undertaking rock climbing with group has provided her with increased confidence to do other things
Provided healthy eating information
Performance accomplishment