Table 1

Questions related to demographic factors and clinical history in the case report form

DemographyRelationship status
Hand tasks in work/previous work
Birth place/birth place of mother and father
LifestylePhysical activity: How many times a week do you exercise for at least 30 min?
Smoking: number of cigarettes per day, number of years smoking
Use of alcohol (AUDIT-C): How many times a week do you drink alcohol? How many units do you drink on a typical drinking day? How often do you drink more than 6 units of alcohol?
Clinical disease variablesYear diagnosed with OA
Number of years with OA symptoms
OA in the family
Previous hand/wrist injuries
Previous foot/ankle injuries
Use of medications (the patients get a list of disease-modifying drugs approved for treatment of rheumatic diseases in Norway, and are asked to indicate which medication they are using right now and which they have previously used).
Previous steroid injections in the hand
Use of hand orthosis
Use of customised tools
Previous surgeries with arthroplasty, arthrodesis, synovectomy, other joint/tendon surgeries
Use of alternative therapies (eg, acupuncture or homoeopathy)
Use of supplements (eg, vitamins, minerals or fish oil)
Use of nature cures
Use of self-help techniques (eg, meditation or yoga)
Sleep disturbances (no troubles sleeping, moderate sleep disturbances with a feeling of not getting enough sleep or serious sleep disturbances where sleep is almost impossible despite use of hypnotics)
  • AUDIT-C, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption; OA, osteoarthritis.