Table 3

Themes identified in analysis

1. Parental perspectives on infection1.1 Symptoms
1.2 Previously similar infections
1.3 Parental concerns
1.4 Impact of child’s illness
1.5 Home management strategies and medicine usage
2. Parental perspectives on antibiotic use for lower respiratory tract infection2.1 Benefits and efficacy
2.2 Parental concerns
3. The GP appointment3.1 Hopes and expectations
3.2 Positive/negative experiences
3.3 Access to healthcare
3.4 Advice
4. Decision making4.1 Agreement/disagreement for an AB prescription
4.2 Perspectives of GP’s prescribing behaviour
4.3 Parental knowledge of LRTI and their management
  • AB, antibiotic; GP, general practitioner; LRTI, lower respiratory tract infection.