Table 3

Comparison between patients with high (>800/μL) and low (≤800/μL) pre-HAART CD8 counts. Variables included in the analyses were (a) general baseline characteristics, (b) pre-HAART virological status, (c) antiretroviral therapy and (d) outcome at year 4

Pre-HAART CD8 >800 (n=276)Pre-HAART CD8 ≤800 (n=428)Univariate analysisAdjusted by pre-HAART CD4
Median/numberIQR/%Median/numberIQR/%OR95% CIaOR95% CI
(a) Baseline characteristics
Male gender24287.7%35282.2%0.650.42 to 1.011.821.12 to 2.96*
Chinese ethnicity22280.4%35182.0%1.110.75 to 1.631.100.71 to 1.71
Mode of transmission(n=372)(n=427)
 Heterosexual14051.3%24958.3%1.391.02 to 1.91*0.930.65 to 1.33
 Injection drug user134.8%194.4%1.150.54 to 2.410.470.21 to 1.08
 Contaminated blood transfusion00.0%61.4%
 B9445.6%12940.1%0.760.53 to 1.11.350.88 to 2.06
 C41.9%41.2%0.560.14 to to 5.07
 Others136.3%185.6%0.770.36 to 1.641.370.6 to 3.17
Age at diagnosis (years)36.8031.74–43.5437.4630.27– to 1.010.990.98 to 1.01
Late HIV diagnosis4817.4%13832.2%2.261.56 to 3.28*0.980.64 to 1.51
AIDS before treatment6623.9%16839.3%2.061.47 to 2.88*0.940.63 to 1.41
(b) Pre-HAART virological status
Viral load (log10 copies/mL)(n=274)(n=420)
5.044.55–5.525.204.69–5.581.231.03 to 1.47*0.800.64 to 0.99*
Viral load log10 >514552.9%25961.7%1.431.05 to 1.95*0.710.49 to 1.02
Estimated cumulative viral load (n=96)(n=101)
17.7410.00–29.6118.5310.88–27.731.0040.98 to 1.031.0040.98 to 1.03
(c) Antiretroviral treatment
Months from diagnosis to HAART initiation12.803.87–35.525.602.44–30.581.000.99 to 11.011 to 1.01*
NNRTI-based initial regimen7025.4%10524.5%0.960.67 to 1.361.841.22 to 2.78*
(d) Outcome at year 4
CD4 count/μL(n=246)(n=370)
488386–625437332–5890.9990.998 to 11.0010.9997 to 1.002
CD4 >500/μL11747.6%14138.1%0.680.49 to 0.94*1.290.88 to 1.91
CD4:CD8 ratio(n=246)(n=370)
0.490.36–0.680.570.41–0.793.611.93 to 6.75*64.6323.47 to 177.98*
Viral load (log10 copies/mL)(n=245)(n=366)
1.881.88–2.61.881.88– to 1.910.830.48 to 1.44
Suppressed viral load (≤500 copies/mL)245100.0%36499.5%
CD4 >500/μL and CD4:CD8 ratio >0.8(n=243)(n=370)
249.9%5915.9%1.731.04 to 2.87*5.072.74 to 9.41*
Treatment (months)83.8362.13–117.4285.0564.17–116.751.0000.997 to 1.0040.9990.99 to 1.003
  • All analyses were performed in logistic regression: simple logistic regression for univariate analyses and multivariable logistic regression with selected confounders for multivariable analyses.

  • *p<0.05.

  • †Estimated cumulative viral load from seroconversion expressed as years×log10 viral load copies/mL. 

  • aOR, adjusted OR; HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; MSM, men who have sex with men; NNRTI, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor.