Table 1

Study aims, settings, methods and data sources per study subject

SubjectHealthcare and social service systemsDemographics, social quality and clinical featuresHealthcare and social services use and spendingPerceptions on integration and coproduction of servicesPatient (un)met needs and underlying factorsCommunity of practice development
Aim11, 21, 2223
SettingNationalNational; regional; hospitalNational; regional; hospitalHospitalHospitalInternational
MethodsLiterature scanDatabase study; surveyDatabase study; surveySurvey; in-depth interviewsSurvey; in-depth interviews; observationsLiterature review; focus groups
Data sourcesPublished and unpublished reports, articles and presentationsSocioeconomic and health insurance databanks, clinical registries; publicationsSocioeconomic and clinical databases; patient cohortsPatient cohorts (n=20)Patient cohorts (n=20)Best practices; experts
TimelineMay–September 2017June–December 2017June–December 2017June 2017–April 2018June 2017–April 2018April–December 2018