Table 1

Number of patients and hospitals by volume quintile

Hospital volume quintile
Very lowLowMediumHighVery high
Common emergency conditions
 Acute myocardial infarctionNo of patients219 178219 291219 189219 778220 805
No of hospitals7631981218854
Median annual volume (IQR)43(20–71)184(154–215)303(274–331)412(387–450)594(534–732)
 Heart failureNo of patients463 352463 883463 283464 586465 401
No of hospitals60826318413687
Median annual volume (IQR)139(63–189)290(260–321)418(374–461)570(518–613)804(703–950)
 Ischaemic strokeNo of patients244 125244 272244 299243 725246 858
No of hospitals915155967042
Median annual volume (IQR)28(10–62)259(213–310)427(383–471)577(542–625)865(766–1028)
 PneumoniaNo of patients258 016257 688258 010258 051259 391
No of hospitals63025518614084
Median annual volume (IQR)73(25–107)167(150–183)229(211–249)304(279–331)447(396–523)
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseNo of patients230 629230 793231 093230 258232 476
No of hospitals61226418212561
Median annual volume (IQR)67(33–92)144(126–163)209(187–233)299(262–337)546(455–702)
 Hip fractureNo of patients142 041142 082141 910141 658143 271
No of hospitals60923217213388
Median annual volume (IQR)43(6–64)101(93–110)137(128–146)176(164–190)244(221–283)
Elective heart and thoracic surgery
 Isolated surgical aortic valve replacementNo of patients10 27510 23810 62710 06611 397
No of hospitals331714107
Median annual volume (IQR)54(37–71)101(93–108)132(124–138)172(159–188)246(227–283)
 Transcatheter aortic valve replacementNo of patients991510 0099926993510 980
No of hospitals48171296
Median annual volume (IQR)31(12–50)98(69–123)141(99–161)169(142–228)286(233–328)
 Isolated coronary artery bypass graftNo of patients35 64836 96736 04737 22137 807
No of hospitals481814118
Median annual volume (IQR)120(1–230)353(318–375)436(407–465)561(518–585)729(669–824)
 Partial lung resection for carcinomaNo of patients14 65514 76614 62614 87215 064
No of hospitals2604827179
Median annual volume (IQR)5(2–14)49(43–59)89(79–98)137(122–160)272(208–313)
Elective major visceral surgery
 Colorectal resection for carcinomaNo of patients66 05866 08966 11966 18566 451
No of hospitals49221815311271
Median annual volume (IQR)23(14–32)50(45–55)72(66–78)97(91–105)141(126–165)
 Colorectal resection for diverticulosisNo of patients35 82835 82135 81035 87236 032
No of hospitals48721515411473
Median annual volume (IQR)13(7–18)28(25–30)39(36–42)52(48–56)74(68–86)
 Total nephrectomy for carcinomaNo of patients13 58213 56913 57013 60013 766
No of hospitals30790654731
Median annual volume (IQR)5(2–13)25(23–27)35(33–37)48(45–52)67(60–76)
 Cystectomy for carcinomaNo of patients87068702876187348832
No of hospitals17778563924
Median annual volume (IQR)9(5–12)18(17–20)26(24–28)36(34–40)57(51–68)
 Complex oesophageal surgery for carcinomaNo of patients36253625363935503769
No of hospitals22871432310
Median annual volume (IQR)2(1–4)8(7–10)14(12–16)25(21–29)54(42–67)
 Pancreatic resection for carcinomaNo of patients68866915688068547020
No of hospitals322117714117
Median annual volume (IQR)3(2–5)10(9–11)16(14–18)27(23–33)57(46–72)
Elective vascular surgery
 Surgical lower extremity revascularisation for atherosclerosisNo of patients49 23949 38549 46749 08649 997
No of hospitals348113795737
Median annual volume (IQR)21(7–39)72(65–80)102(95–112)143(131–158)210(185–243)
 Open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysmNo of patients44224425443044204530
No of hospitals23981503318
Median annual volume (IQR)3(1–4)9(7–10)15(13–17)21(19–25)39(33–46)
 Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysmNo of patients82818338828883098462
No of hospitals21981523420
Median annual volume (IQR)6(3–9)17(15–19)26(24–30)40(36–45)64(57–75)

 Carotid endarterectomy
No of patients32 34532 26732 46032 01733 081
No of hospitals317101674730
Median annual volume (IQR)16(6–27)52(46–59)80(73–87)113(104–123)165(148–195)
Elective low-risk surgery
 Cholecystectomy for cholelithiasisNo of patients177 346177 411177 835177 199178 752
No of hospitals45023217814094
Median annual volume (IQR)71(44–91)128(118–137)166(157–176)210(196–224)286(264–331)
 Inguinal or femoral hernia repairNo of patients178 992179 169179 285179 338179 911
No of hospitals47124718614284
Median annual volume (IQR)68(45–86)120(111–129)160(150–171)208(194–224)312(274–377)
 Primary hip replacement for arthrosis or arthritisNo of patients175 918175 797176 313175 834177 287
No of hospitals6082261358242
Median annual volume (IQR)49(25–71)128(111–146)213(190–242)351(314–388)619(522–768)
 Primary knee replacement for arthrosis or arthritisNo of patients168 312168 479168 415168 015169 623
No of hospitals5172221439451
Median annual volume (IQR)56(36–75)125(112–140)195(176–215)291.5292(267–324)477(421–632)
 Transurethral resection of prostateNo of patients86 40486 93486 19986 96787 412
No of hospitals247104775940
Median annual volume (IQR)60(23–92)139(128–150)186(172–199)243(227–262)331(303–380)
  • No of hospitals: mean number of hospitals in quintile per year providing the respective inpatient service; IQR, IQR within the quintile (due to data protection regulations the minimum and maximum values cannot be displayed).