Table 2

Problems and the diversity of challenge experienced related to whole-body MRI

ProblemNo challenge/enjoyableLow challengeMedium/highDid not complete
Enclosed space “I’m not claustrophobic…that (enclosed space) doesn’t frighten me” s36 (50–59, male, L) “Maybe in the back of my mind you’re worried about it (enclosed space)” s5 (60–69, female, C) “Coffin came to mind…initially, you feel like ‘Oh god, it’s so close in here’” s26 (60–69, female, L) “I had this sense of being in a sarcophagus” s17 (60–69, male, L)
Noise “I thought it like music really…and it relaxed me” s64 (80+, male, C) “the noise was a bit…disconcerting because it was quite loud and quite sort of clanking and banging…and it took some time getting used to it” s63 (<50, male, C) “that's one of the worst ones that I’ve had to go through with the noise…I felt like something was going to fall off and hit me.” s54(<50, female, L)
Scan duration/discomfort “It’s actually quite comfortable in there” s87 (60–69, male, L) “It was not excruciatingly painful. It just ached a bit, that is all.” s18 (60–69, male, C) “My back was uncomfortable. My, the back of my neck was uncomfortable…” “my brain was saying, ‘You can’t go much longer…’” s56 (60–69, male, C)
Negative emotions (eg, anxiety, panic, shock, distress) “I mean, there wasn’t, you know, anything in particular to be frightening
(sic)” s76 (<50, male, C)
when I first went in there, I was quite shocked….I wondered what the hell was going on…after a while I quite enjoyed it” s18 (60–69, male, C) “when I first laid down in the scan I was frightened” s79 (60–69, female, C), and “I’m lying there and all of a sudden, they put all these things on top of me… And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, my God! …this is threatening’” s53
(60–69, male, C)
“I don’t know whether the people doing the scan knew I had lung cancer, I didn’t feel any empathy or any sort of friendly attitude. I walked out of there feeling quite upset actually” s30 (50–59,male, L)