Table 1

Definition of the arguments and an illustrative example

ArgumentsDefinitionExample of the argument
In support categories
Enhance the implementationNeed to improve the implementation of the regulation including better enforcement…the Indonesian government needed to step up its efforts…
Scale up the regulationNeed to enhance coverage/scope or comprehensiveness of the regulation and the need for other measuresThe regulation is weak and provide freedom to industry to promote and sponsored…*
Protect young peoplePrevent tobacco harm and smoking initiation among young people…to restrict the airing…of tobacco product advertisements, saying that the ads could be exposing the country's young to smoking habits
Protect people’s healthProtect people/public health, includes protecting non-smoker/passive smoker…but the government is firm that we have to protect the health of the people
Reduce smoking demandReduce smoking addiction, support smoking cessation, reduce number of smokersWe really want to see people stop smoking for their best, not ours…
Prevent new smokerPrevent initiation of smoking; do not specifically mentioning youth…to prevent 3 million new smokers in 2013*
Financial/social impactPreventing financial and social impact of tobacco-related disease…to tackle health and economic costs associated with smoking
EducationContribute to improve awareness on tobacco harmPP 109/2012…aiming that people will be encourage to know danger of smoking…*
Comments on tobacco industry strategiesComments on tobacco industry strategies to thwart the implementation and enforcement of the regulation, and tobacco control efforts…Powerful cigarette companies are still trying to skirt tighter regulation and work around existing restrictions…
Other prosPositive argument that are not fit in any of in support categoriesMusicians should be professional… without sponsors*
Opposed categories
Reduce government incomeReduce government income/revenueAdvertisement tax revenue target for this year lower than previous year…This is because of government regulation no 109/2012…*
Disadvantage on TINegative impact on tobacco industry productivity/incomeIt will have impact on small and medium-scale industry*
Concern on tobacco farmer/tobacco industry workers welfareNegative impact on social and financial well-being of tobacco farmer/tobacco industry workers…termination of employment due to many pressure…including PP 109/2012*
Vested/foreign interestForeign interest drive the regulation and other tobacco control measures…big influence of foreign donor for all antitobacco campaign…*
By-law violate national lawSubnational regulation (by-law) could not be more comprehensive or stricter than national regulationThis regulation (governor regulation No 1/2015) violate…PP Nomor 109/2012 (national regulation)*
Music and sport productivityNegative impact on music/sport productivity…Cause the sport will die*
Kretek is a heritage and cigarette is legalArgument that cigarette is a legal product and non- addictive and kretek (mixed of tobacco and cloves) is a national heritage/product…Eradicating kretek means we will lose our national character
Disadvantage other businessesNegative impact on other business such as advertising, television, printing company…it will reduce advertising company income…*
Other consNegative arguments that are not fit in any opposed categoriesPP 109/2012…should be enough since it is very strict. There is no need for additional regulation by ratifying FCTC*
  • * The arguments were translated from Bahasa Indonesia.

  • FCTC, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; TI, tobacco industry.