Table 1

Study outcomes including normal ranges of blood pressure and biomarkers

OutcomesStudy populationMeasuresNormal range/calculation
≥20 years oldPregnant women
Primary outcome: systolic blood pressureYesYesSystolic blood pressure90–140 mm Hg
Secondary outcomes: diastolic blood pressureYesYesDiastolic blood pressure60–90 mm Hg
Mean arterial pressureYesYesMean arterial pressureDiastolic blood pressure + one-third systolic blood pressure
Pulse pressureYesYesPulse pressureSystolic blood pressure − diastolic blood pressure
Tertiary outcomes: urinary sodium excretionYesYesUrinary sodium-creatinine ratio40–220 mEq/L/24 hours
ProteinuriaYesYesUrinary protein-creatinine ratio<0.11 mg/mg