Table 2

Variables associated with wanting a CAC versus having other plans or being undecided: statistically significant χ² tests

VariablesGroupingsRespondents wanting a CACχ2 test
%n / NAdjusted residuals*dfχ²p Value
Predoctoral involvement in medical researchNo involvement2610/38−3.0222.1930.0005
Some involvement (intercalated degree or post(s) with research, possibly with other experience, or ‘other’ experience)†4695/205−1.4
High involvement level (intercalated degree and post(s) with research and possibly ‘other’ experience, too)†7345/624.1
Main reason for doctorateInterest in my area of research4971/146−0.4225.5150.0005
Improving prospects for an academic/research career6182/1343.5
Influences on long-term career thinking:
Wanting intellectual stimulation‡A great deal/A lot55157/2845.4129.6400.0005
A moderate amount/A little/Not at all62/34−5.4
Enthusiasm/commitment‡A great deal/A lot52156/3002.918.4800.004
A moderate amount/A little/Not at all173/18−2.9
Self-appraisal of own skills/aptitudesA great deal/A lot56107/1912.627.7430.021
A moderate amount3938/98−2.7
A little/Not at all4814/29−0.2
Career promotion and prospectsA great deal/A lot5885/1462.727.3000.026
A moderate amount4351/118−1.9
A little/Not at all4323/54−1.2
Lack of posts in other possible career pathsA great deal/A lot278/30−2.7214.3570.001
A moderate amount3619/53−2.3
A little/Not at all56132/2353.7
CL posts:
CL knowledgeA great deal/A lot7327/373.0219.1980.0005
A moderate amount5969/1182.3
A little/Nothing at all3963/162−4.1
CL attainability (accuracy of statement that CL is attainable)Extremely/Very accurate6360/962.9216.0790.0005
Moderately accurate5457/1051.1
Slightly/Not at all accurate3642/117−3.8
Sources of information about possible career paths (amount of information received):
OUCAGS/ACOA great deal/A lot8222/273.4218.9170.0005
A moderate amount6533/512.2
A little/None at all/N/A44103/236−4.1
Mentor(s)A great deal/A lot6450/782.828.7780.012
A moderate amount4940/81−0.2
A little/None at all/N/A4468/156−2.3
  • *For explanation and interpretation see Method section.

  • †The following were considered ‘posts with research’: Academic Foundation Programme posts, Academic Clinical Fellow (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), Clinical Research Fellow (Scotland) and responses of ‘other post with time for research’.

  • ‡Due to the small numbers selecting ‘A moderate amount’, ‘A little’ and ‘Not at all’, these categories were merged in order to meet χ² test assumptions (see Method section).

  • ACO, Academic Careers Office; CAC, clinical academic career; CL, clinical lectureship; OUCAGS, Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School.