Table 3

Item performance and reliability testing of the Chinese Person-centred Climate Questionnaire – Staff version (PCQ-S) (n=163)

Item numberItem contentMean±SDCorrected item: total correctionCronbach’s alpha if item deleted
1A place where I feel welcome4.04±0.930.620.93
2A place where I feel acknowledged as a person4.07±0.920.540.93
3A place where I feel I can be myself3.58±1.320.700.93
4A place where the patients are in safe hands4.06±0.960.720.93
5A place where the staff use a language that the patients can understand3.90±1.010.720.93
6A place which feels homely even though it is in an institution3.80±1.130.770.93
7A place where there is something nice to look at3.60±1.150.760.93
8A place where it is quiet and peaceful3.80±1.040.780.93
9A place where it is possible to get unpleasant thoughts out of your head3.20±1.340.660.93
10A place which is neat and clean3.85±1.010.700.93
11A place where it is easy for the patients to keep in contact with their loved ones3.88±1.030.790.93
12A place where it is easy for the patients to receive visitors3.40±1.360.590.93
13A place where it is easy for the patients to talk to the staff3.72±1.160.710.93
14A place where the patients have someone to talk to if they so wish3.94±1.030.670.93