Table 4

Respondents’ likelihood of seeking a CL, and views on CL attainability and own knowledge about CLs: percentages by gender and for all respondents

All respondents*
Likelihood of seeking a CL†N=173†N=141†N=318†
 Extremely/Very likely454042
 Moderately likely172320
 Slightly/Not at all likely363636
 No response122
CL attainability
accuracy of statement that respondent could become a CL in England, if wanted
 Extremely/Very accurate372230
 Moderately accurate293633
 Slightly/Not at all accurate334237
 No response1<1
Knowledge of CL
amount known
 A great deal/A lot121112
 A moderate amount403437
 A little/Nothing at all485451
 No response11
  • Due to rounding, column percentages may not add to 100.

  • *Four respondents did not provide their gender.

  • †The question about likelihood of seeking a CL was not asked of two participants who stated that they intended to work in clinical posts without teaching or research.

  • CL, clinical lectureship.