Table 1

Respondents’ age, training level and long-term career plans: percentages by gender and for all respondents

All respondents*
Males, %
Females, % (N=142)Total, %
Age, years
 No response132017
Highest training stage completed or underway†
 Pre-Foundation, in Foundation or post-Foundation programme141012
 In ST1–2, CT or ACCS or completed ST1–2, CT or ACCS12810
 In ST3–8565756
 ST level not specified344
 Completed specialty training162118
Long-term career plans
 Clinical academic posts554450
 Clinical service posts with some teaching and research232323
 Clinical service posts with some research999
 Clinical service posts with some teaching212
 Clinical service posts without teaching or research111
 Research-only posts233
 No response1<1
  • Due to rounding, column percentages may not add to 100.

  • *Four respondents did not provide their gender.

  • †In the UK, following medical school and a 2-year Foundation programme, doctors enter ST. The first 2 years of ST are usually referred to as ST1–2, but some specialties have, before ST, a CT or ACCS programme. However, this is highly dependent on specialty.

  • ACCS, acute care common stem; CT, core training; ST, specialty training.