Table 5

Variables associated with likelihood of seeking a CL: statistically significant χ² tests

VariablesGroupingsRespondents extremely/very likely to seek a CLχ² test
%n/NAdjusted residuals*dfχ²p Value
Fee statusUK/EU47128/2733.4111.3830.001
Non-EU (Overseas)165/32−3.4
Age<30 years2712/44−2.5211.5340.003
30–35 years5189/1733.4
36 and over3214/44−1.8
Training stagePre-specialty228/36−2.7212.1490.002
In specialty49108/2213.4
Predoctoral involvement in medical researchNo involvement218/38−2.9224.5020.0005
Some involvement (intercalated degree or post(s) with research, possibly with other experience, or ‘other’ experience)†3977/199−1.9
High involvement level (intercalated degree and post(s) with research and possibly ‘other’ experience, too)†6842/624.5
Long-term career plansCAC67105/1588.5372.5570.0005
Clinical service with research (possibly also teaching)1818/99−6.0
Other plans153/20−2.6
CL knowledgeA great deal/ A lot6524/372.9231.1400.0005
A moderate amount5766/1163.8
A little/Nothing at all2844/158−5.5
CL attainability (accuracy of statement that CL is attainable)Extremely/Very accurate7066/956.3252.1380.0005
Moderately accurate4446/1050.2
Slightly/Not at all accurate2022/112−6.2
Sources of information about possible career paths (amount of information received):
Academic/ research supervisor(s)A great deal/A lot4849/1031.226.4430.040
A moderate amount4852/1081.3
A little/None at all/N/A3333/101−2.5
Senior academicsA great deal/A lot5031/621.329.3560.009
A moderate amount5348/912.2
A little/None at all/N/A3555/159−3.0
OUCAGS/ACOA great deal/A lot5916/271.8217.8040.0005
A moderate amount6533/513.5
A little/None at all/N/A3682/230−4.2
Mentor(s)A great deal/A lot5743/762.7210.0530.007
A moderate amount4637/810.6
A little/None at all/N/A3553/152−2.9
  • *For explanation and interpretation, see Method section.

  • †The following were considered ‘posts with research’: Academic Foundation Programme posts, Academic Clinical Fellow (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), Clinical Research Fellow (Scotland) and responses of ‘other post with time for research’.

  • ACO, Academic Careers Office; CAC, clinical academic career; CL, clinical lectureship; OUCAGS, Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School.