Table 2

Scores and reliability of the Chinese version of Severe Respiratory Insufficiency (SRI) questionnaire

ScaleItemMinimum score, n (%)Maximum score, n (%)Mean±SDCronbach's α
SRI-PF601 (0.7)44.23±20.560.80
SRI-AS701 (0.7)62.81±16.850.71
SRI-SR605 (3.4)58.29±20.250.83
SRI-AX52 (1.3)3 (2.0)51.09±23.240.88
SRI-WB902 (1.3)57.23±20.080.92
SRI-SF82 (1.3)1 (0.7)43.56±21.610.88
SRI-SS7 scales0052.93±15.110.95
  • SRI-AX, anxiety; SRI-AS, attendant symptoms and sleep; SRI-PF, physical functioning; SRI-RC, respiratory complaints; SRI-SF, social functioning; SRI-SR, social relationships; SRI-SS, summary scale; SRI-WB, psychological well-being.