Table 3A

Logistic regression results for Graduated (2002–2009 cohort) academic outcome for MAPAS and GENERAL subgroups

ModelPredictor variable (ref)ComparisonGraduated (2002–2009 cohort)
MAPAS (n=181)
Graduated (2002–2009 cohort)
GENERAL (n=778)
Overall p-ValueOR95% CIOverall p-ValueOR95% CI
(reference group Māori for
MAPAS, Pākehā/European for
Māori0.00100.1750.047 to 0.648
Pacific0.00350.2850.123 to 0.6620.0890.023 to 0.339
Asian0.6570.286 to 1.508
Other/missing0.3160.106 to 0.940
School decile (high 8–10)Medium (4–7)0.00980.3840.164 to 0.898
Low (1–3)0.1370.031 to 0.600
Auckland school (yes)No0.01274.5711.256 to 16.629
Type of admission (SL)AA
Bridging programme (no)Yes0.00140.1410.042 to 0.468
Entyr pathway (undergraduate)Graduate0.01230.1700.043 to 0.681
Admission GPA/GPEPer point increase0.03191.7581.050 to 2.994<0.00012.0201.460 to 2.796