Table 1

Descriptive variables for GENERAL, MAPAS and ROMPE admission categories 2002–2009

Descriptive summary variablesAdmission categoryTotal (N=1082)
GENERAL (n=778)MAPAS (n=183)ROMPE (n=121)
Categorical variables n % n % p-Value n % p-Value n %
 Missing/no response131.6800.0032.48161.48
School decile rating<0.0001<0.0001
Attended school in Auckland56572.6211562.840.00174839.67<0.000172867.28
Completed bridging programme81.034122.40<0.000110.831.0000504.62
Admitted as school leaver (Year 1)56572.629149.73<0.00017864.460.064373467.84
Entry pathway0.52000.0001
Graduated (yes)73594.4714679.78<0.000111191.740.234399291.68
Continuous variables Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Age at admission (Year 2)20.023.1020.983.970.001421.073.800.004120.33.37
Admission GPA/GPE8.120.996.041.29<0.00017.720.880.00027.721.29
  • Cohort 2002–2009 comprises students who matriculated into Year 2 of the MBCHB (or Bachelor of Human Biology BHB) programme within FMHS from 2002 to 2009 inclusive, excluding international entry students. Students who repeated Year 2 have been recorded in their first 2 years. All variables have been compared for the GENERAL versus MAPAS categories and for the General versus RRAS categories. Categorical variables have been tested using χ2 test or Fisher’s exact test , where necessary. Continuous variables have been tested using the analysis of variance model, with adjustment for multiple comparisons.

  • GPA, Grade Point Average; GPE, Grade Point Equivalent; MAPAS, Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme; ROMPE, Rural Origin Medical Preferential Entry.