Table 1

Responses to the question ‘Has the fact of having children, or of wanting to have children, influenced your choice of career specialty?’ (numbers and percentages of doctors who replied ‘yes’)

% agreementn/N% agreementn/N
Has child(ren)
 Hospital medical specialties13.520/14838.565/169
 General practice65.3111/17083.1368/443
 Emergency medicine10.33/2926.16/23
 Obstetrics and gynaecology10.01/1011.53/26
 Clinical oncology20.02/1050.09/18
Partner/spouse status
 Medical spouse27.789/32168.4273/399
 Non-medical spouse32.294/29259.7276/462
 No spouse15.612/7736.460/165
Working hours
 Full time26.5173/65247.9301/628
 Less than full time57.922/3877.4308/398
  • All p<0.001 except where indicated.

  • Statistical tests on % agreement: Children (χ2 1): men 34.0, women 101.5; Specialty group (χ2 10): men 173.6, women 223.9; Partner/spouse status (χ2 2): men 8.4 (p=0.015), women 49.8; Working hours (χ2 1): men 15.9, women 86.4.