Table 4

Sensitivity analyses: mean costs per attendance, difference between 2014 and 2015 and total cost impact for cohort for different assumptions and estimates

AnalysisMean cost per attendanceTotal cohort
0Main analysis (base case)£784£700−£84−£25 281
1Differentiate PS assessment by liaison nurse/psychiatrist£783£685−£98−£31 174
2Assume observational unit costs for all bed days£766£692−£74−£21 328
3Unit cost LPS assessment—low (−25%)£758£669−£89−£27 997
4Unit cost LPS assessment—high (+25%)£809£732−£78−£22 565
5Unit cost observational ward—low (−25%)£666£605−£60−£17 076
6Unit cost observational ward—high (+25%)£902£795−£107−£33 486
  •  ITU, intensive treatment unit; LPS, liaison psychiatric service; PS, psychosocial.