Table 3

Mean total costs per attendance for index patients in January–March 2014 and 2015 and repeated self-harm episodes within 90 days

UnitUnit costs20142015Difference
(n=403 attendance*)(n=415 attendance*)
ED attendance
 LPS assessment£187.450.55£1030.67£1260.12£23
 Subtotal ED attendances£283£309£25 (£11 to £39)
Hospital admissions
 Observation ward (days)£405.050.97£3910.83£335−0.1−£56
 ITU (days)£1058.750.03£290.01£13−0.02−£16
 Other ward (days)£405.050.20£800.11£44−0.09−£36
 Subtotal admissions£500£391−£109 (−£276 to £50)
Mean total costs per attendance£784£700−£84 (−£254 to £77)
Total costs£315 843£290 562−£25 281
  • *Cost estimates are based on all attendances within 90 days after index attendance; figures may therefore differ slightly from those in table 2.

  • **95% bootstrap CI based on 1000 bias corrected accelerated bootstraps.

  • ED, emergency department; ITU, intensive treatment unit; LPS, liaison psychiatric service.