Table 1

Study objectives outlined against data collection and patient outcomes examined

ObjectivesData collectionOutcomes
Provide a qualitative account of treatment and service provision and patient-reported HRQoL (group 1)Observe consultations for communication styles and treatment and service delivery decisions
Semistructured interviews with patients and healthcare professionals
Patient HRQoL questionnaires
Patient and professional-reported outcomes
Observational outcomes
Patient and healthcare professional-reported outcomes
Patient-reported HRQoL
Retrospectively review of medical records of patients who have undergone or have been assessed as candidates for resective surgery
(group 2)
Review of demographic information, diagnostic tests and presurgery assessments, surgical options and medication informationSurgical outcomes related to demographic information
Comprehensive epidemiological study of service use by patients with epilepsy across New South Wales for a 5-year period
(group 3)
Retrospective epidemiological data assessmentService and treatment utilisation, hospital separations, mortality, medication use, clinical outcomes
  • HRQoL,┬áhealth-related quality of life.