Table 1

Distribution of sociodemographic characteristics and obstetric indicators (in %, mean, SD), among women delivering, by migration status, Berlin, Germany, 2011/2012

Study population (n)nFirst-generation immigrantsSecond-generation women*Non-immigrant womenTotal
Maternal age
 18–24 years133321.534.016.820.9
 25–29 years174629.531.924.327.3
 30–34 years186027.322.132.529.1
 35+ years145221.812.026.422.7
 Mean (SD)29.7 (5.8)27.6 (5.4)30.8 (5.8)30.0 (5.8)
Educational attainment
Self-assessed German language proficiency
 Little affinity to religion286422.815.170.944.8
 Strong affinity to Christian/other religion128719.88.823.520.1
 Strong affinity to Islam224057.576.05.635.1
Smoking during pregnancy
Maternal prebirth BMI (kg/m2)
 25 to <30437469.769.667.168.4
 30 to <405949.411.98.59.3
 Mean (SD)29.4 (5.0)30.4 (5.3)29.2 (5.5)29.5 (5.3)
 Nullipara (P0)303135.645.757.547.4
 Primipara (P1)193431.530.529.230.3
 Bipara (P2)86218.316.38.813.5
 Multipara (P3 or higher)56414.
High birth weight (≥3740 g, 80th percentile)
Presentation of fetus (vaginal births only)
 Regular cephalic presentation405897.097.395.996.6
 Other presentations1443.
Mode of delivery‡
 Vaginal birth (non-instrumental)361961.559.849.955.7
 Vaginal birth (vacuum extraction, forceps)5837.
 Elective caesarean section89312.311.515.613.8
 (Urgent) secondary caesarean section§129616.818.123.020.0
 Crash caesarean section1041.
NA provision by mode of delivery
 Vaginal birth (including instrumental)153026.436.345.836.4
 Elective/(urgent) secondary caesarean section§192886.685.289.688.1
  • *Second generation n=830; third generation n=9.

  • †Excluding present delivery.

  • ‡Different n (2535; 846; 3114; total=6495) in the three groups of women because crash caesarean sections are included.

  • §Excluding crash caesarean section.

  • BMI, body mass index; NA, neuraxial anaesthesia.