Table 2

Factor analysis and loading of items

Subscales and itemsLoading
Factor 1: organisational values (macro level)
 The Trust listens to staff views0.84
 The Trust has a positive culture0.77
 There is strong leadership at the highest level in the Trust0.75
 I am able to influence how things are done in the Trust0.74
 I would recommend this Trust as a good place to work0.70
 I feel well informed about what is happening in the Trust0.70
 Staff successes are celebrated by the Trust0.70
 The Trust values the service we provide0.69
 Trust managers know how things really are0.68
 I am proud to work in this Trust0.65
 A positive culture is visible where I work0.50
 I get the training and development I need0.40
Factor 2: team support (meso level)
 I feel well supported by my line manager0.87
 My line manager treats me with respect0.84
 My line manager gives me constructive feedback0.83
 My concerns are taken seriously by my line manager0.81
 I feel part of a well-managed team0.60
 I am kept well informed about what is going on in our team0.52
 I feel supported to develop my potential0.50
 I know who my line manager is0.45
 I am able to influence the way things are done in my team0.44
 I feel able to ask for help when I need it0.44
 Unacceptable behaviour is consistently tackled0.40
Factor 3: relationships with colleagues (micro level)
 The people I work with are friendly0.81
 When things get difficult, I can rely on my colleagues0.79
 I feel respected by my coworkers0.76
 I have positive role models where I work0.56
Factor 4: job constrains (micro level)
 I have sufficient time to do my job well0.79
 I have the resources I need to do a good job0.72
 I know exactly what is expected of me in my job0.41