Table 3

Median time in hours (IQR) from onset to general practitioner (GP), hospital visit and first dose of antibiotics by route taken prior to hospital admission

CategoryOnset to GPOnset to hospital visitOnset to first dose of antibiotics
Infants who went from home direct to hospitalNot applicable5.7 hours (2–8.4)8 hours (4.8–13.5)
Infants who went from home to hospital via GP10.5 hours (3-33)11 hours (5.2–17)13 hours (6.8–25)
Infants who went to hospital via GP, were sent home and went to hospital a second time9 hours (3.5–48)52 hours (36-96)57.5 hours (38–98.2)
p Value0.80.00010.0001