Table 3


M(SD)95% CIM(SD)95% CIp-Value
Satisfaction with information
 Questions asked *3.67(0.79)3.5 to 3.84.06(0.82)3.9 to 4.2<0.01
 Oncologist’s answers *4.31(0.65)4.2 to 4.44.50(0.63)4.4 to 4.6<0.05
 More information *1.98(1.00)1.8 to 2.12.29(1.22)2.0 to 2.5<0.05
Satisfaction With Decision26.50(3.57)25.9 to 27.127.18(3.13)26.6 to 27.70.11
 Prior to the consultation2.38(0.57)2.3 to 2.52.45(0.62)2.3 to 2.50.33
 After the consultation1.94(0.64)1.8 to 2.01.94(0.63)1.8 to 2.00.94
 STAI-DIFF†0.46(0.66)0.3 to 0.60.50(0.67)0.4 to 0.60.62
  • *Mean score of ‘How much do you feel the need for further information?’

  • * Mean score of ‘How much have you been able to ask those questions you had previously selected on the QPS?/ written in the QL?’

  • * Mean score of ‘How much did the oncologist answer in a clear and comprehensive way?’

  • †The STAI-DIFF was usually calculated on total score, here we report the mean score

  • M, mean; QL, question list; QPS, question prompt sheet; STAI–DIFF: State-Trait Anxiety Inventory–Difference.