Table 4

Mean responses to acceptability questionnaire and SD

QuestionMean response
1. I found putting on the straps (1-easy, 5-hard)2.0(±1.17)
2. At the highest intensity I found the comfort level (1-acceptable, 5-unacceptable)3.5(±1.19)
3. Overall I found the sensation (1-pleasant, 5-unpleasant)3.3(±1.13)
4. I found putting on the LF-EMS for an hour (1-easy, 5-hard)3.1(±1.08)
5. I think I would find staying on a LF-EMS training routine (1-easy, 5-hard)3.4(±1.29)
6. Overall satisfaction with LF-EMS as a way of improving your fitness (1-none,10 extremely satisfied)6.0(±1.94)
  • LF-EMS, low-frequency electrical muscle stimulation.