Table 3

Subgroup analyses of the association between SSRI use and annual weight gain*

Non-user1–2 prescriptions/year>2 prescriptions/yearp For interaction
Western dietary pattern0.026
  Low intake0.000.11(−0.29–0.51)0.14(−0.26–0.54)
  High intake0.000.46 (0.05–0.88)† 0.84 (0.43–1.24)
Prudent dietary pattern0.635
  Low intake0.000.35(−0.07–0.78)0.38(−0.02–0.78)
  High intake0.000.23(−0.16–0.63) 0.61 (0.20–1.02)
Physical activity0.039
  Sedentary0.000.15(−0.34–0.63) 1.01 (0.52–1.50)
  Current or ex-smoker0.00 0.44 (0.05–0.84) 0.66 (0.23–1.10)
  • *Bold values represent p<0.05.

  • †Models adjusted for age, gender, income, physical activity, smoking, depression status at baseline and follow-up. Stratifying variables were not adjusted in the corresponding models. Dietary pattern scores are dichotomised as low or high intake. Values represent regression coefficients (95% CI).

  • SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.