Table 5

Associations between gender and mortality by multiple logistic regression analysis*

Mortality time periodAdjusted OR† 95% CIp Value
Neonatal deaths (birth–28 days)0.960.9 to 1.040.32
Neonatal deaths on the first day of life0.90.7 to 1.00.06
Neonatal deaths in the first week of life (birth–7 days)0.80.66 to 0.970.02
Post-neonatal deaths (29–180 days) ‡Interaction (see below)
Gender and caste interaction0.70.6 to 0.90.02
Among Schedule Tribes or Castes1.21.0 to 1.50.14
Among others1.61.4 to 1.9<0.0001
Post-neonatal deaths (181–365 days)1.71.4 to 2.0<0.0001
  • *Using logistic regression adjusted for cluster design and intervention group and potential confounders (mother's education, mother's occupation, caste, wealth quintiles, place of birth, religion, distance from primary health centre to nearest point on the highway).

  • †Male as reference category.

  • ‡Caste significantly modified the association between gender and mortality (p=0.02) from 29 to 180 days.