Table 1

Patient characteristics by polypharmacy status

Characteristic≤8 medications
≥9 medications
p Value
Age in years, mean±SD86±984±10p=0.72
Male, n (%)33 (30)34 (32)p=0.67
Length of stay in nursing home in days,
median (IQR)
861 (276–1905)741 (274–1721)p=0.50
Frailty score (CHSA-CFS),*
median (IQR)
7 (7,7)
7 (7,7)
Dementia, n (%)78 (71)59 (57)p=0.03
Hypertension, n (%)72 (66)81 (78)p=0.04
Congestive heart failure, n (%)10 (9)25 (24)p=0.003
Diabetes, n (%)24 (22)33 (33)p=0.07
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg, mean±SD126±18127±18p=0.54
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg, mean±SD66±1266±10p=0.94
HbA1c,† %
median (IQR)
6.2 (5.9, 7.0)
6.2 (5.6,6.7)
Do not hospitalise designation (stay at facility for all care, even in case of acute illness), n (%)35 (32)27 (26)p=0.35
  • *Calculation of Canada Health Study of Aging-Clinical Frailty Scale (CHSA-CFS)11 was done October–November 2014, data are missing for 35 participants due to their deaths and subsequent loss of chart access. A higher score=increasing frailty; ≥7 is severely frail.

  • †Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) measured on 74 patients, but only 57 have a diagnosis of diabetes.