Table 2

Findings from studies reporting results of participant surveys

Overall experience/satisfaction91.7% rated the overall experience highly18
Almost all viewed their experience positively25
92% rated experience as good or very good22
Almost all reported a positive experience24
83% rated their experience as excellent20
82.2% were very satisfied19
97% satisfied or very satisfied overall21
95% satisfied or very satisfied21
‘High levels’ of satisfaction23
Recommend to others99.6% would recommend to others19
78% likely to recommend to others23
100% would recommend to others20
Benefit99% felt they had benefited24
85.6% felt they had benefited17
90.2% felt the NHS Health Check was worth attending18
90% likely or very likely to return if invited back21
Time/opportunity to ask questions88.0% agreed they had the time to ask questions18
92% felt they were given enough time25
94% were able to ask all their questions25
99.7% felt they were given enough time24
89.6% felt they were given enough time17
90.2% were able to ask all their questions17
9% had unanswered questions25
10.8% had unanswered questions24
14.7% still had questions about their risk of heart disease17
7.4% had concerns that had not been dealt with17
Understanding and recall of CVD risk97% understood everything25
59% could recall their actual CVD score25
91.9% understood everything discussed17
83% felt the health check had helped them to understand their risk of heart disease17
61.9% rated their understanding of the CVD risk score highly18
Location and timing of appointments69.5% rated the location of doctor’s surgery highly18
70.7% rated the time and availability of appointments highly18
93.8% agreed that screening had been done in a suitable place24
86% felt the location gave enough privacy20
Staff93.8% rated confidence in staff knowledge18
92% reported that staff were helpful, friendly and clear about the service during their health check22
100% felt they were treated with dignity20
99% felt comfortable discussing their lifestyle24
93.6% felt comfortable discussing their lifestyle17
13.5% would have liked more support changing lifestyle17
  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; NHS, National Health Service.