Table 4

Characteristics of 5 CIN3 cases identified among the 2 466 recipients of the HPV-16/18 vaccine in the Finnish Cancer Registry –based passive long-term follow-up of the clinical trial participants between 4.5 and 10 years post vaccination.

Age at enrolmentBaseline cervical HPV DNA statusNumber of doses  received  in 2004-20Date of diagnosisd-point (CIN3) HPV DNA statusHPV-052 participant
16  yearsHPV16three dosesSep 2010HPV16no
17  yearsHPV16three dosesMay 2012HPV16 no
17  yearsHPV16three dosesMar 2013HPV16 no
16  yearsHPV31three dosesApr 2013n.a. yes*
17  yearsHPV16three dosesMar 2012HPV16 yes†
  • *One HPV DNA test after the end of the PATRICIA trial 3.5 years before the CIN3+ diagnosis

  • †CIN3+ diagnosis made before start of the passive follow-up