Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Study IDCountryPopulationTotal, NSelf-management componentsDelivery modeAdditional delivery modeIntervention providerOutcomes reportedQA score
Basler et al 24 GermanyTTH, M88relax+CBT+edind+grouphwpsymood, dis, med, cop1
Bromberg  et al 25 USAM51CBTremno contactmood, dis, qual, stress, cop, self-eff, loc3
Cathcart et al 26 AustraliaTTH42mindgrouphwpsyfreq, int, cop2
Cousins et al 27 UKM73relax+CBT+edindhw+supppsyfreq, mood, dis, qual, med, cop3
D’Souza et al 28 USATTH, M90relax
indhwpsyfreq, int, dis4
Day et al 29 USATTH, M36CBT+ed+mindgrouphwpsy+nurint, cop, self-eff2
Devineni and Blanchard30 USATTH, M86relax+CBTremno contactint, mood, dis1
Mahmoudzadeh et al 31 IranM83relax+CBT+edind+grouphw+suppnurint, dis, qual0
Martin et al 32 AustraliaTTH, M117CBT
CBT+ed relax+CBT
indpsyint, qual, med, self-eff, loc2
Matchar et al 33 USATTH, M437edind+groupnurint, mood, dis, qual1
Mo'tamedi et al 34 IranTTH, M30mindgrouppsyint, mood, dis4
Mosley et al 35 USATTH30relax relax+CBTindhwpsyint, mood, med, stress1
Omidi and Zargar36 IranTTH60mindgrouppsyint, mood, stress1
Sorbi et al 37 NetherlandsM368relax+CBTremhw+suppno contactfreq, int, dis, qual, med, self-eff, loc3
Strom et al 38 SwedenTTH, M45relaxremno contactfreq, int, mood, dis1
Ter Kuile et al 39 NetherlandsTTH134relaxindnurint, stress1
  • CBT, cognitive–behavioural therapy component; cop, measures of coping and mindfulness; dis, headache-related disability; ed, educational component; freq, headache frequency; group, group delivered; hw, homework; ind, individually delivered; int, pain intensity; loc, locus of control; M, migraine; med, medication consumption; mind, mindfulness component; mood, measures of depression/anxiety; nur, nurse/allied health professional; psy, psychologist/therapist; QA, quality; relax, relaxation component; qual, quality of life; rem, remotely delivered; self-eff, headache management self-efficacy; stress, measures of stress; supp, additional email/telephone support;  psy, TTH, tension-type headache.