Table 1

Rutherford's24 recommended scale for gauging changes in clinical status

+3Markedly improved: no ischaemic symptoms and any foot lesions completely healed; ABI essentially ‘normalised’ (increased to >0.90)
+2Moderately improved: no open foot lesions; still symptomatic but only with exercise and improved by at least one clinical chronic ischaemia category; ABI not normalised but increased by >0.10
+1Minimally improved: >0.10 increase in ABI* but no categorical improvement or vice versa (ie, upward categorical shift without an increase in ABI of >0.10)
0No change: no categorical shift and <0.10 change in ABI
−1Mildly worse: no categorical shift but ABI decreased >0.10 or downward categorical shift with ABI decrease <0.10
−2Moderately worse: one category worse or unexpected minor amputation
−3Markedly worse: more than one category worse or unexpected major amputations 
  • *In cases where the ABI cannot be accurately measured, an index based on the toe pressure, or any measurable pressure distal to the site of revascularisation, may be substituted.

  • ABI, Ankle Brachial Index.

  • Adapted from Rutherford RB et al. JVS 1997.