Table 3

Presentation of all single items in the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ 12) for middle-aged women in Scotland and Sweden and OR calculations

Scotland (n=6250)Sweden (n=741)OR95% CIOR*95% CI
Able to concentrate
 Bad82314.08311.31.281.01 to 1.631.140.89 to 1.46
Able to enjoy day-to-day activities
 As usual482682.065088.4
 Less than usual106118.08511.61.681.33 to 2.131.521.20 to 1.94
Lost sleep over worry
 As usual469879.965388.8
 More than usual118520.18211.22.011.58 to 2.551.881.47 to 2.39
Been able to face problems
 Same as usual523288.966791.4
 Less able than usual65011.1638.61.321.00 to 1.731.150.87 to 1.52
Felt playing useful part in things
 Same as usual524789.468492.7
 Less useful than usual62310.6547.31.501.13 to 2.011.351.00 to 1.81
Been feeling unhappy and depressed
 No more than usual472680.365388.7
 More than usual115919.78311.31.931.52 to 2.451.681.32 to 2.13
Felt capable of making decisions
 Same as usual536391.169294.1
 Less so than usual5228.9435.91.571.14 to 2.161.401.01 to 1.95
Been losing confidence in self
 No more than usual492983.768993.7
 More than usual95916.3466.32.912.15 to 3.962.541.87 to 3.47
Felt constantly under strain
 No more than usual452476.963486.0
 More than usual135923.110314.01.851.49 to 2.301.761.41 to 2.19
Been thinking of self as worthless
 No more than usual528389.868793.3
 More than usual59810.2496.71.591.17 to 2.151.310.96 to 1.78
Felt could not overcome difficulties
 No more than usual514787.566790.6
 More than usual73612.5699.41.381.07 to 1.791.220.93 to 1.59
Been feeling reasonably happy
 As usual510586.766790.5
 Less than usual 78213.3709.51.461.13 to 1.891.311.01 to 1.70
  • *OR adjusted for age and education.