Table 4

Qualitative findings of factors influencing fidelity results

Factor levelThemeExemplary quote (physiotherapist code, transcript line)
PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapist knowledge and experience influenced delivery of SOLASeducation content ‘In my previous experience I would have done a lot more actually on the pain side of things … so in my previous class I would have had, you know, maybe one full class on maybe pain perception and, kind of, the influence of emotion and feelings … so I think I would have probably maybe talked a lot more around that pain section than maybe somebody else would have’. (C1, 75–99)
ParticipantIndividual needs influenced delivery of SOLAS—education, exercise, goal-setting ‘People don't like writing them [action plans] there and then you know with pencils given and whatever—yes it's very hard to get people to write down things like that … .Where I work there is a lot of people health literacy is very low … so therefore that's a challenge for them…so I tend to be very careful about pushing it out really’. (F1, 141–187)
ParticipantGroup size influenced delivery of SOLAS—goal-setting, use of materials ‘The only thing I might find a little bit hard would be the goal setting. I suppose you'd—that would be a bit more challenging because you'd have more numbers in the group’. (G1, 118–132)
ParticipantGroup dynamics influenced delivery of SOLAS—goal-setting ‘People were willing to engage you know as a group, in their goals … so that made it very easy that we didn't actually have any clients that weren't willing to talk in the group, so it was very much an interactive group’. (E1, 225–231)
ProgrammeAmount of education content influenced delivery of SOLAS—duration ‘I found the content in week one was nearly too much … by the time I finished talking and ran through the exercises, the hour and a half was finished. And so nobody actually practiced any of the exercises on the first day’. (B2, 96–106)
ProgrammeResources/materials influenced delivery of SOLAS—education and exercise content ‘The slides didn't work for me this time … .You can't lock that room …. once or twice I didn't bring the laptop at all and I just had to print it out, all of the slides on A4 laminate and so we talked all the slides ….’ (F1, 207–240)
‘I think I only left out maybe three [exercise] stations, something like that. Because we didn't have a bouncer and … we didn't have a bed’. (C1, 113–121)
‘Nothing but positive feedback for all the content and the-the resources … I just think they complimented the—the education fantastically, I just thought they added much more to the programme than not having these resources.’ (E1, 414–415)