Table 1

Feasibility and acceptability outcomes

Hierarchy of measurement (service, Health Professionals or pregnant women)OutcomeData collection methodAnalysisTime-points
ServiceRecruitment rate (primary outcome)Research facilitator logNumber of women recruited divided by number of women approached for each site, overall sites and stratified by siteEnd of study
ServiceFollow-up rateParticipant surveyPercentage of women recruited who complete all follow-up surveys4 weeks and 12 weeks
ServiceProportion of women's checklists completedWomen's checklistNumber of consultations with a completed checklist divided by the total number of consultations for each patient (designated and non-designated study visits)End of study
ServiceProvider training rateResearch facilitator logNumber of providers undergoing webinar training divided by the total number of providers, overall sites and stratified by siteEnd of training
ServiceWebinar completion rateResearch facilitator logNumber of webinar sessions each provider attendedEnd of training
Health professionals and pregnant womenAcceptability of intervention and implementationInterviews with staff and patientsThematic analysisEnd of study