Table 2

Measures of effectiveness outcomes

Hierarchy of measurement (service, Health Professionals or pregnant women)OutcomeData collection methodAnalysisTime points
ServiceProportion of pregnant smokers that were given nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)Audit of deidentified grouped dataPharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS)* prescriptions or vouchers for NRTMonthly
Health professionalsSelf-reported knowledge, attitudes and practices about managing smoking in pregnancyHealth Professionals surveysChanges in knowledge, attitudes and practices comparing all time pointsPretraining, post-training and end of study
Health professionalsBehaviour change techniques (BCT)Audio recording of consultationsAnalysis of transcripts by trained BCT codersPretraining and post-training
Pregnant womenSelf-reported smoking characteristicsSmoking characteristics surveyChanges in smoking characteristicsBaseline, 4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenWomen's perception of receiving smoking cessation careWomen's checklistComposite scores on checklistsExit from consultations with a Health Professional
Pregnant womenSelf-reported quit ratesSmoking Characteristics Survey7-day point prevalence and continuous abstinence74 Baseline, 4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenBiochemically validated quit ratesHandheld CO metre7-day point prevalence and continuous abstinence74 using expired CO<6 ppm as reference pointBaseline, 4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenSelf-report of adherence to NRTSmoking characteristics surveyChanges in adherence to NRT4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenSelf-reported knowledge, attitudes and smoking behavioursSmoking Characteristics SurveyChanges in knowledge, attitudes and smoking behavioursBaseline, 4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenGrowth and empowermentGrowth and Empowerment SurveyChanges in growth and empowerment domainsBaseline, 4 weeks and 12 weeks
Pregnant womenCritical success measuresCritical Success SurveyDescriptive analysis of the nine critical success factorsEnd of study
  • *Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) is the Australian government scheme for prescription subsidy