Table 3

Action plans developed by the Income Security Health Promotion service

Action plan details (n=181)n (%)
Action plan for ISHP*Any actions required by health promoter143 (79%)
Provide patient with resources/handouts69 (38%)
Consult with external organisation60 (33%)
Gather additional information45 (25%)
Advocate for patient to external organisation48 (26%)
Plan for accompanying patient6 (3%)
Form completion/review/assistance47 (26%)
Refer internally to family health team16 (9%)
Refer externally33 (18%)
Other14 (8%)
Action plan for patient*Any action for patient119 (66%)
Gather supporting documents58 (32%)
Contact external organisation57 (31%)
Review materials provided19 (10%)
Other38 (21%)
Plan for follow-up105 (58%)
Discharged34 (19%)
  • *Does not sum to 100% as more than one option could be selected.

  • ISHP,┬áincome security health promoter.