Table 2

Additional domains of pregnancy-related anxiety as detailed by participant narratives in Mwanza

Additional domainsPotential probes
Knowledge and understandingI have a lot of fear because I don't have enough information.
I am concerned (worried) because the health care provider could not give me information.
Partner relationshipI am worried because my partner is not around.
I worry about finances because my partner does not support me financially.
Interactions with the healthcare system (including access to care and quality of care)I am concerned about paying for transportation, medication or childcare to attend clinic.
I am concerned that I may need additional care or medication that I can't afford.
I am worried that health care practitioners won't know how to help me.
SpiritualityI find relief from my worries when I pray or go to church.
Believing in God helps me to feel peace when I am fearful.
Experience or fear of HIV/AIDSI have a lot of fear because when I don't feel well as I think that I might be HIV positive.
I have worries about my pregnancy because of my HIV status.