Table 4

Logistic regression model for mother–schoolchild pairs: Both mother and child with overweight/obesity (overweight and obesity in schoolchildren)

AOR*p Value95% CI
Mild HFI0.790.0170.6 to 0.9
Moderate HFI0.720.0050.57 to 0.90
Severe HFI0.670.0040.51 to 0.9
Maternal overweight2.25<0.0011.8 to 2.8
Maternal obesity3.96<0.0013.3 to 4.8
Age of child1.12<0.0011.1 to 1.2
Beneficiaries of food assistance programmes0.850.0390.7 to 0.9
  Rural0.790.0070.7 to 0.9
Maternal education
  Primary school0.870.3420.6 to 1.2
  Secondary school1.110.4840.8 to 1.5
  Senior high school (preparatoria)1.120.4850.8 to 1.6
  Bachelor or higher1.93<0.0011.3 to 2.9
 Constant0.12<0.0010.1 to 0.2
  • *Model included all independent variables listed in table.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; HFI, household food insecurity.