Table 2

Standardised scores of each domain by AGREE II of guidelines

Scope and purposeStakeholder involvementRigour of developmentClarity of presentationApplicabilityEditorial
Overall assessment
AAP2 75%41.60%23.90%83.30%27.10%83.30%5. Recommended with modifications
SIP27 94.40%80.50%89.60%94.40%27.10%91.60%6. Recommended with modifications
South African30 88.80%61.10%31.20%83.30%8.30%50%4. Recommended with modifications
NICE44 100%83.30%98.90%83.30%100%50%7. Recommended
NSW47 66.60%41.60%16.00%50%33.30%0%3. Not recommended
SA48 83.30%33.30%14.60%77.70%16.60%0%3. Not recommended
WHO49 88.90%61.10%89.60%94.40%62.50%67%6.Recommended with modifications
  • AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics; NICE, National Institute for Health and┬áCare Excellence; NSW, New South Wales Ministry of Health; SA, South Australian Ministry of Health; SIP, Italian Pediatric Society.