Table 1

Fifteen forecasting studies identified in the prior systematic review

Study name or first authorYear of forecastCountry
Dutch Steering Committee on Future Health Scenarios (STG), 19881986The Netherlands
Spiby, 19881988UK
Loveridge et al 6 1994UK
Stevens et al 7 1995UK
Karim, National Research and Technology Foresight Project, 19991996South Africa
Operating theatre of the year, 2010; Department of Trade and Industry report, 19991996UK
Cahill and Scapolo18 1998Europe
Daar et al 2002Developing countries
Technology foresight towards 2020_China2003China
British Telecommunications (BT) calendar1997 & 2005UK
Tremblay and Yiu2006Canada
Food and Drug Administration surveys1998 and 2008USA
Institute of the Future, 20092009USA
Science & Technology Foresight Survey, 2010Every 5 years from 1971, latest survey 2009–2010Japan
UK technology and innovation futures for the 2020s, 20102010UK
  • Source:  Doos et al.9