Table 3

Disturbances after the incident

ItemNPer cent
Severity of disturbance
 No symptoms but pathological laboratory tests158.0
Subtotal (this is the base of the next rows) 9148.4
 No symptoms, normal (or no) laboratory tests9751.6
Missing data9n.a.
All patients197n.a.
Time until recovery
 Not yet known or missing information99.9
All patients with disturbances91100.0
 Without sequels7885.8
 With light-to-moderate sequels22.2
 With severe sequels or fatality*55.4
 Not yet known or missing information66.6
All patients with disturbances91100.0
Treatment / surveillance
 Not needed4852.7
 Ambulatory care3336.3
 Hospital care**77.7
 Missing information33.3
All patients with disturbances91100.0
  • * In one case, there was a reduced kidney function, the other cases remained unclear, and no fatalities were reported. 

  • ** Two cases had to be surveilled in the emergency room, the hospital stays were: intoxications with thiethylperazine, with fenoterol plus ipratropium bromide, with zolpidem, further a derailed diabetes type 2 (after missed treatment with metformin), and a gastrointestinal haemorrhage in a patient where antithrombotic treatment with rivaroxaban was not communicated to the physician.

  • n.a., not available.