Table 4

Logistic regression analysis of factors predicting specific end-of-life attitudes

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIp ValuesOR95% CIp Values
Preference of term ‘passive euthanasia’ over ‘refusal of futile care’Gender: female1.240.70 to 2.22NS
Age <40 years1.600.97 to 2.64NS
Nurses4.932.49 to 9.76<0.0014.412.21 to 8.82<0.001
Working <10 years1.070.65 to 1.77NS
University hospital0.670.41 to 1.10NS
Personal loss1.100.66 to 1.82NS
Job satisfaction0.490.29 to 0.830.0080.650.38 to 1.13NS
Neuroticism1.741.04 to 2.890.0331.591.03 to 2.720.048
Psychoticism1.650.94 to 2.91NS
Extraversion0.620.38 to 1.03NS
Spirituality1.110.67 to 1.84NS
Support1.110.67 to 1.85NS
Trust1.150.70 to 1.92NS
Reflection1.460.88 to 2.42NS
Positive attitude towards withdrawal of artificial ventilation when EoL decision is made versus denial to withdrawGender: female1.430.92 to 2.24NS
Age <40 years1.691.14 to 2.500.009
Nurses1.831.21 to 2.760.0041.781.17 to 2.710.007
Working < 10 years0.940.63 to 1.40NS
University hospital1.460.99 to 2.17NS
Personal loss0.920.62 to 1.37NS
Job satisfaction0.710.46 to 1.11NS
Neuroticism0.870.59 to 1.29NS
Psychoticism0.880.58 to 1.34NS
Extraversion0.930.63 to 1.38NS
Spirituality1.370.92 to 2.05NS
Support1.180.79 to 1.76NS
Trust1.691.14 to 2.520.0101.601.07 to 2.390.023
Reflection1.240.84 to 1.84NS
Fear of legal consequences when withholding
DFLST information from the family versus all other reasons
Gender: female0.640.37 to 1.11NS
Age <40 years1.060.63 to 1.76NS
Nurses0.850.50 to 1.45NS
Working <10 years1.811.05 to 3.120.0311.961.12 to 3.450.014
University hospital2.411.42 to 4.100.0012.411.38 to 4.200.002
Personal loss1.240.75 to 2.07NS
Job satisfaction1.080.62 to 1.89NS
Neuroticism1.000.60 to 1.66NS
Psychoticism2.461.30 to 4.650.0062.451.25 to 4.800.009
Extraversion1.160.69 to 1.94NS
Spirituality0.710.43 to 1.19NS
Support0.510.31 to 0.860.0120.600.35 to 1.02NS
Trust0.720.43 to 1.20NS
Reflection1.000.60 to 1.67NS
  • *Continuous variables of ‘Neuroticism’, ‘Psychoticism’, ‘Extraversion’, ‘Spirituality’, ‘Support’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Reflexion’ were dichotomised using their total medians (table 3) as cut-off limits.

  • DFLST, decisions to forego life-sustaining treatment; EoL, end-of-life.